Anti-Slip Alabama Quercia RT.


Spanish porcelain

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Size: 20X120cm              Finish: Mate              Thickness: 9mm

Add luxury to your home decor using our Spanish Porcelain, watch all pictures to get some home decor Ideas.

Porcelain tiles are a versatile option due to finish verity, mimicking nature or innovating new contemporary styles.

Porcelain quality, durability, and low water absorption rate made it the first choice for internal and external uses.

Advantages of glazed porcelain tiles.

  • Strong and dense tile
  • Chemical resistant
  • Non-porous; the glaze is protecting the tile from stains and moisture.
  • Available in different colors and sizes.

Manufacturers measure and rate the glazed tiles “PEI” (Porcelain Enamel Institute) rating.

PE I 1 Suitable for Walls

PEI 2 Suitable for residential areas with very light traffic.

PEI 3 Suitable for residential

PEI 4 light Commercial areas.

PEI 5 light to medium Commercial

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Technical characteristics report

Serial: ALABAMA ANTI SLIP                                            Size: 20x120

Porcelain tiles                     Norm: UNE-EN 14411               Group: BIa – GL Group



Name, Test

European norm  



Size, thickness, side straightness, flatness, orthogonality


UNE-EN 14411

It accomplishes all requirements

Water absorption capacity


EN ISO 10545-03


< 0,5%


Flexion resistance


EN ISO 10545-04

>40 N/mm2

Resistance to the abrasion, method PEI


EN ISO 10545-07




Thermal shock resistance


EN ISO 10545-9


It stands the test


Cracking resistance


EN ISO 10545-11


It stands the test


Frost resistance


EN ISO 10545-12


It stands the test


Resistance to acids


EN ISO 10545-13


It stands the test


Resistance to alcalis


EN ISO 10545-13


It stands the test


Resistance to cleaning products


EN ISO 10545-13




Resistance to chemical products to swimming pool water


EN ISO 10545-13




Stains resistance


EN ISO 10545-14




Slip resistance (Rd)


UNE- ENV 12633


Class 3


Slip resistance (DCOF)


ANSI A137.1