Slate tiles

Slate is water-resistant, tough, durable and easy to care for. It comes in the traditional colours of grey and black, but is also available in a range of more subtle tones to match most interior designs. The ability to use slate in bathrooms, kitchens, living spaces and even porches makes it a versatile decorating tool. When it’s manufactured with a tumbled or honed finish, slate also provides good traction.

One of the most attractive features of slate is its natural beauty. Slate will enhance the look of any architectural style, and is available in a variety of natural slate colors and textures. Slate’s color options include green, gray, black, purple, red as well as tiles that sport a mixture of colors. Moreover, slate shingles are shaped by hand to meet specific requirements and can be custom made in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. Regardless of its age, slate will maintain its distinctive appearance.