Natural Stones

Natural stones rocky textures reference the great outdoors, while adding warmth, character, and drama to interior spaces.

Porcelain Tiles

At Terra we have several kinds of Porcelain tile from the strong and sturdy Homogeneous tiles, to glazed, decorative and slate tiles.

Marble Sinks

Marble has been used throughout the ages to adorn palace floors, ceilings and walls. Today it’s making its way into everyday homes and bathrooms in particular.

Swimming Pools Tiles

Transform your swimming pool into a beautiful eye-catching delight that you’ll love spending time in! Terra Pool Mosaics come in many different styles


Create a unique, relaxing or more vibrant look with our wide selection of Mosaic from Stone, Glass, Porcelain to Mixed Mosaics.

Garden Accessories

We’ve got many types and styles of materials for your outdoor space; from pots to water features and pebbles

New Products

About Terra

At Terra we are guided by 3 steps in our global search for contemporary finishing materials; taste, quality and usability. Terra prides itself on constantly discovering, selecting and delivering a unique, ever-changing product line fit for the Egyptian market. At Terra you will find a range of products from Porcelain, Natural stone, Mosaics, Sinks to Landscape accessories and more to give your dream house or your existing space a make-over!

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